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Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP)
Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP)

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Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP)

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Short Description: Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP) can be installed in each car with electronic injection system. Main unit function: fuel consumption (real-time and average), vehicle speed, trip computer, acceleration measurement, analog sensors support (eg. measurement of AFR, boost/vacuum etc.) temperature measurement and much more
Description: Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP)   Description

Latest versions of UTCOMP are developed by REVELTRONICS

(full description, online purchase)

Watch UTCOMP (UKP) on YouTube - click here.

   Universal Trip Computer  (UTCOMP) made by REVELTRONICS (Telwis) is used to monitor technical state of passenger car. The UTCOMP takes information from main sensors of the car then processes data and sends to the LCD/OLED screen with user friendly interface. UTCOMP does not interfere with car electronics in any way. It can be installed in each car with electronic injection system (petrol engines, also the ones with LPG, and some diesel engines). UTCOMP is known also as UKP on polish market.


Main unit functions - in shorcut:

  • vehicle speed (km/h or mph),
  • fuel consumption (real-time and average),
  • tachometer, trip, mileage,
  • temperature measurement,
  • acceleration measurement,
  • servis/inspection (x4),
  • battery voltage measurement,
  • the ability to connect up to two analog sensors (eg. lambda oxygen sensor, wideband oxygen sensor, pressure sensor etc.),
  • and much more - details below.

Click here to watch demo video on youtube.

To accomplish basic functions, only two signals from vehicle sensors are required (speed sensor and pulse injection) - details in user manual.

Unit functions:

  • vehicle speed (km/h or mph),

  • real-time fuel consumption (units: l/h , l/100km , km/l, gph, mpg),

  • average fuel consumption (l/100km or km/l or mpg),

  • distance,

  • amount of fuel in the fuel tank,

  • estimate distance to refueling,

  • independent daily/travel counter (travel timing, average speed, max speed, distance and average fuel consumption),

  • full support for cars with LPG system (independent consumption and distance measuring),

  • date and time,

  • temperature measurement (inside and outside),

  • user temperature – analog temperature sensor can be adopted (typical coolant temperature sensor can be screwed into engine cylinder block, engine head or oil sump),

  • automatic acceleration measurement with user defined range (e.g. 0-60 mph, 60-120 km/h etc.),

  • the ability to connect up to two analog sensors (max 0-5V) and draw their signal on the display (oscilloscope), eg the lambda sensor, wideband O2 sensor, pressure sensor, TPS, etc.

  • support for wideband controller of oxygen sensor (0-5V, the ability of calibration U(AFR) linear function) – AFR measurement,

  • support for vacuum/boost sensor (0-5V, the ability of calibration U(bar) linear function) – BAR or PSI units,

  • cooling fan status info (on/off),

  • headlights reminder,

  • battery voltage measurement,

  • adjustable lcd brightness,

  • inspection/service reminder (up to 4 configurable inspections,

  • car mileage,

  • information about black ice,

  • temperature alert (sound buzzer warning) – if temperature from analog sensor (eg. coolant temperature, oil temperature etc.) is to high (user own level setting is possible),

  • customizable temperature & battery voltage alerts,

  • additional user screen – fully customizable,

  • possibility to enable/disable any screen,

  • possibility to change units (metric/imperial),

  • possibility to change font style,

  • user own welcome screen setting is also possible,

  • menu language: english, german or polish,

  • software language: english or polish,

  • communication with PC using USB interface (PC application is working on Windows XP, Vista, 7) – possibility to change all settings using PC.


 To setup all parameters PC desktop with USB socket and UTCOMP application can be used. Main parameters may also be set in dedicated setting mode of UTC on display (no need to connect UTC to PC). The application works under Windows XP, VISTA, 7.



Technical parameters

  • power supply: +12V DC (range +9… +16V),

  • current consumption with all connected sensors (display with backlight, powered sensors, etc): max 160mA for LCD version and max 80mA for OLED version,

  • current consumption in standby mode (ignition OFF): max 35mA (typ. 25mA),

  • operating temperature: -40C…+85C,

  • LCD operating temperature: -20C…+70C (recommended +10C…+40C),

  • OLED operating temperature: -40C...+85C,

  • temperature sensors working range: -40C…+120C, accuracy +/- 0.1C,

  • speed measurement accuracy: +/- 1 km/h or mph (with GPS calibration),

  • acceleration measurement accuracy: +/- 0.1s,

  • fuel consumption measurement accuracy: 1% (after calibration),

  • sampling frequency from analog sensors: 25Hz,

  • analog sensors measurement accuracy: +/- 0.1 [V], resolution 1/32 range [V] on LCD graph (oscilloscope),

  • accuracy of battery voltage measurement: 2% of range,

  • communication with PC via USB 2.0 (HID).

    UTCOMP dimensions:

  • width: 6,5 cm,
  • long: 9,0 cm,
  • high: 2,0 cm.

   LCD (2,5") dimensions [mm]:

   OLED (2,3") dimensions [mm]:


Assembly and requirements

   UTCOMP can be installed in any vehicle with electronic fuel injection. UTC is working with petrol engines, petrol + gas engines and some diesel engines.

What is in package?

• Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP) v2.0 made by Telwis (Reveltronics),
• graphical LCD 2,5" (green, white, amber, blue or black) or OLED 2,3" (more expensive),
• LCD/OLED cable (60cm),
• UTC connector,
• 2 temperature sensors DS18B20,
• keyboard with 3 tactswitches,
• buzzer,
• fuse on cable (500mA),
• user manual in PDF (download HERE),
• UTCOMP software v2.5.10 (download HERE).

LCD 2,5" colours (more picts. HERE):

OLED 2,3" colour- more expensive (more picts. HERE):



Examples of the display assembly:

Download more examples HERE (.rar file)

1. Mitsubishi Galant (in place of a factory watch, behind dimmed glass) - LCD and OLED version :

2. Audi A4 1.9 TDI (in place of a small glovebox, in center console) - LCD and OLED version


3. Citroen ZX (in place of a factory watch) - LCD and OLED version

4. Hyundai XG30 (in place of a factory watch in center console)

5. Rover 400 (in place of a factory watch in center console - the same panel can be mounted in Rover 200 and Honda Civic)

6. Toyota Yaris (in place of factory LCD)

Download more examples HERE (.rar file)


Additional accessories:

There's posibility to buy additional accessories for UTCOMP, eg. LCD 2,5" housing:


Available Options:
Display enclosure:
USB Cable:
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Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP)
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