Sagem S3000 repair and programming

I was in several workshops and I was given a defect first throttle but after replacing with a new problem did not disappear. The car enters emergency mode after driving a few kilometers,
Turning off and restarting the engine allows you to drive the next few kilometers and then goes back to emergency mode again so you can endlessly start and drive. My question is whether you are able to check the ECU module and possibly repair it and of course price it earlier.

We offer repair of this controller regardless of the type of fault. If it is not possible to repair the module, it is an option to read the memory (firmware) content and then program the second module (donor). We guarantee that the second “donor” module will work without any problems. To “clone” a module, all you need is an old module as a “donor.” After cloning, no programming in the car is required, and the whole operation boils down to “plug and play” that is, mount the module in the car, plug in the battery and that’s all.

The picture shows an example of a ECU module

3 months boot guarantee. It is time to test the driver.
Repair time: 1 business day. It is possible to repair it immediately and it will take 3-4 hours but you need to remove the ECU yourself

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