Ford Mondeo 2002 – 2011

The most common faults: the instrument often turns off, the pointers return to the zero position, momentary LCD display fading, after frequent dimming, the display has completely gone out, no functions working, instrument is dead

Ford Mondeo 2007 – 2014

* A vertical line appeared and disappeared several times a day. Throughout the winter it was visible all the time. On warm summer days, it began to disappear again for a few hours and then returned in the morning. When got colder the line is visible all the time. I did not notice that this dash (line) increased or another one has appeared. The functions work correctly.

* The instrument turns on and off cyclically at intervals of 2-3 seconds.

price Examples

The examples of prices listed are approximate. Individual pricing applies after diagnosing the fault. The fault diagnosis is free and without obligation. The customer bears only the shipping costs.


resoldering the main PCB

  • instrument turns off
  • letters are not readable
  • tapping responce


repair needs to remove pointers

  • stepper motor is faulty
  • the display turns off periodically
  • system immo issue


problems requiring the display to be replaced (CONVERS)

  • vertical lines on LCD
  • the cluster turns off and on periodically
  • firmware reprogramming

Frequently asked question

the repair time usually takes up to two business days. In more difficult cases it can be extended to several business days but the customer will be notified of this case. There is a possibility of repairing on the spot in some cases simple faults

Shipment with a repaired instrument will be sent via DHL. Delivery time usually 3-5 business day (Europe). At the customer’s request, it is possible to send the instrument to another courier, e.g. regular post office

Payments for the service can be made by bank transfer or Paypal system to the company’s account

We issue a written guarantee for the service for a period of 3 or 6 months, depending on the year of manufacture of the cluster and on such factors as:  mileage, technical condition, type of damage and whether the cluster has already been repaired before

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