BMW Instrument cluster repair

BMW E38 E39 E53 X5

Repair of the BMW instrument cluster consists in replacing the display pixel ribbon tape with a new one in the event of pixel disappearance and replacement of damaged stepper motors of analog pointers responsible for correct analogue indications.

Here are sample car models in which we replace a new pixel ribbon tape:

BMW 7 E38 1995 – 2001
BMW 5 E39 1996 – 2003
BMW X5 E53 1999 – 2006

The most common faults:

  • disappearance of lines, pixels of the display,
    the display has gone out completely,
  • pointers show wrong values (stepper motor replace required),

Before the repair, we consult the case (possible costs) with the customer. After repair, the instrument undergoes diagnostic tests.

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