Regeneration BSM module L01-00 -> L06-00

BSM module repair. Typical faults of this module:

  • does not turn the starter
  • fuel pump does not start (petrol engines)
  • the air blower does not switch on
  • glow plugs do not come on (diesel engines)
    BSM repair is not uncommon. Buying a used module in the aftermarket will only solve the problem for some time. Probably each of these modules will go to repair sooner or later. Repairing the BSM module is difficult (not demountable). This module is covered with rubber and there is no access to its electronics.
    I regenerate this module in a professional way, restoring all its functions. If the module is damaged in a way that prevents its repair (flooding, burned out the motherboard), you need to buy a second module on the secondary market and program it to match the configuration of your car. After programming, the module will be programmed into your car so-called Plug & Play.
    We provide warranty for the service performed, repair time one business day.
Burn pin on the relay
Burn pin on the PCB
this is what the module looks like after regeneration. It is glued and waterproof


  • 1 year warranty
  • shipping costs depend on where you live

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