The “Do it yourself” application is mainly for electronics repairers of car instruments. Recommended  electronics  with  medium experience will find here supplement their knowledge. The application contains many tips for repairing the instrument of the AUDI A6 series 8L0 920 900 once similar from the series 4B0 and 4D0.
I shared the secrets of repairing these instruments based on many years of experience as an electronics technician. You can find here a description of the most common (though not all) faults found in these instruments. In addition, the methods for removing  the meter are described. The PCBs have solder points responsible for specific cases.
Connector pinouts including processor / eeprom programming points.
Single seat license.
Only the above instruments are described in the application.


Windows 7,8,10 32 / 64bit
NET Framework 4.0 and higher
1280 x 768 minimum screen resolution

Price 45PLN

You buy the licence key for the aplication